3D Models and Colour Combos!

Greetings gamers, enthusiasts and those who are just a little interested in how games get made. Welcome to the second entry in our Geekabyte Games, weekly Devlog! As always, make sure to give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter for more great news and updates. 

BIG NEWS: Our game Mind Control, has just gone completely FREE on the App Store and Google Play. Make sure to grab a copy and let us know what you think!

This week we made loads of great progress on Kasplat thanks to our new team member, Wesley Heard, we managed to get a whole lot of brand new 3D assets modeled up and texture mapped to replace some of the current placeholder models. These include a new balloon model, new star shaped balloon (Which will be used in the upcoming powerup system) and a new dart model. The dart model also has a texture mapped flight so eventually we can have a whole range of custom dart flight designs for you to choose from!


In other exciting news, we have now fully implemented the color-combo/scoring system for Kasplat. When popping paint balloons, the aim is to create large splatters of the same color, this will yield a rather impressive points to a clever player. This system provides an element of strategy to the balloon busting mayhem of Kasplat and will make you think twice about popping that juicy red balloon right in the middle of your artfully constructed mega-splat of gooey green.


Thanks for reading this weeks Devlog update! Make sure to check back next Friday for more progress and development insight from Geekabyte Games.