Kasplat Privacy Policy

As an end user of the mobile application henceforth referred to as "kasplat", developed by Geekabyte Games,  you agree to the following privacy agreement. Geekabyte Games utilises Unity Analytics and Unity Software within the Kasplat application in order to collect usage data. This data does NOT contain any personal information that could be used to identify the end user or information that could put the end user's privacy/accounts security at risk (e.g email address, account names, passwords, address or phone number). The data collected via Unity Analytics within Kasplat consists only of information about the use of the application (e.g high scores, button presses, play time). This data is collected solely for the purpose of analyzing application use and improving the application's functionality for the end user.

Usage data for the Kasplat application collected with Unity Analytics is not shared with any third party with the exception of Unity themselves to facilitate the use of Unity Analytics. Unity does not share any data collected via its Analytics software with any third party except the application developer. The full Unity Analytics terms of service and privacy policy can be found here. Geekabyte Games takes every reasonable commercial measure to ensure the security of all collected end user data and will inform the user as promptly as possible should they become aware of any data security breach. 

All use of data collected via the Kasplat application and Unity Analytics adheres to the terms provided in this privacy policy as well as the terms outlined in the Unity Analytics Terms of Service.